Practice Information



Protected Learning Time

In line with Practices across Tayside, the Practice will be closed on Wednesday 28 February from 12 noon - 6.00 pm for routine appointments for GP,  Nurse and Admin Staff development.

If you require urgent medical advice during these hours please contact 07342 818 689.



The Practice will reopen on Thursday 29 February at 8.00 am.



Telephone Calls

Please remember we will answer your calls as quickly as we are able.   Mornings are extremely busy and calls are held in a queueing system but due to circumstances outwith our control, this system only holds 15 calls at any one time then it will revert to engaged tone.  

PLEASE DO NOT HANG UP if you are in a numbered position as you will lose your place in the queue.

If you get engaged tone please try again.

If your call can wait till later in the day please do so helping us to help you.